1353 Campbell

1353 Campbell
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Holiday time at El Castillo

Looking good in the 'hood.  Happy WhatEverYouCelebrate, everyone. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Smaller bits continue to dribble in, little by little, as this house becomes a home.

Window coverings for the Master Bedroom.  Privacy, what a concept!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Its the weekend following the Fourth of July, and its is finally hot. Glorious Chicago hot.  The kind of hot that makes us appreciate what comes later in the year.  It's festival season, stand in the lake up to your waist with a beer and chat with your friends season, get loud on the deck until well past dark over some type of charred meat from the grill season.  We do love our summers.

The deck, outfitted for relaxation and fun:

Friday, June 14, 2019

Just a brief update. It's now been several weeks of just living in this place, and I must say it is pretty comfy.  I'm still surprised at how much straightening up / getting things organized and re-organized there is.

Some interior window coverings have shown up, a few fixtures here and there, and finally after a long, wet spring and early summer, the fence has gone up in the back of the property.  Another layer of security for this compound!  This was one of those lingering things to complete during the summertime. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

And... Done. For now anyway. 

Well, after I get that graffiti tag removed. Then I'm done. 

And, after I get the fencing in the back and iron fence work in the front completed. 

Oh, and interior window coverings.  My neighbor, Arminda, let me know that I need "better cortinas". Probably should pay attention when neighbors make remarks like that one.

Anyway, I'll continue to post, but not anywhere near the frequency that has been the last year. I actually need a break from all of this.  I told a friend recently that I don't even stop to browse in the home improvement store anymore, I pick up what I need and go. I've been broken of the endless home improvement curse, even though I probably won't be project-free until sometime next year. 

Its a long way from where it was, one year ago:  Blog Post from May 1, 2018

But as of today, this is where it stands:  

And, while there have been lots of people who have contributed in a major way, the continuity of vision and laser focus on every last detail is credited to this guy - Tony Stavish.  The link to his design business is on the right. 

Ready for visitors.

Monday, April 15, 2019

The "Saga within the Saga" as a colleague of mine mentioned in a text over the weekend - referring to the long story of the front door is now nearing a final completion.  There is just exterior painting to be done and that should be pretty straightforward (although I have had to eat those words before).

Interior painting finished up over the weekend.  So much new light from these windows, really great.

The door is 11 feet from bottom to the top of the radius. Yeah, it is really tall. That small entry space has a two-step drop down to the small tiled area in front of the door, making the ceiling height 12 feet in this spot - and you feel it when walking into the house. This was a design trick put in place as a solution to the exterior steps previously having a very steep pitch to the sidewalk, and pulling two steps into the living area allowed the exterior stair pitch to be quite a bit lower and more comfortable to traverse (as well as safe... especially in winter with icy treads).

I have to stretch to peek over the bottom edge of the window.  It locks in three separate points on the vertical frame, and two others at top and bottom.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

After a few days of door installation, zeroing in on the final bits. The surround is only primed at this point, it will be painted black.  The paneling details look really good. On the interior, the frame will be painted white and the interior will be the same gray color as the door.

And just a point of reference:  One year ago, this where the project was at:  April 2018

Today, the guys are working on the interior trim and cutting it into the room detailing.

There have been some funny notifications from the video doorbell while this has been going on ...

And, sometimes maybe the video doorbell creates less of a sense of security by actually showing you what is going on outside.  I have no idea what these two are up to, I choose to tell myself that they were going to some kind of costume party and had the wrong address. So even though they look pretty harmless, I'm still glad that I  wasn't home at the time.